Leyla and Dave Moore make up Planet Rump and they’re not to be fucked with when it comes to dirty dance mixes, bass, and anything neon. Check out their new track HBIC below and go through their sound cloud library for some more Brooklyn bangas..

Writing to the world

How beautiful is this, 7 year old Toby from Sheffield in the UK says:

When I was 5, I decided that I wanted to find out lots about the world, so I started writing letters to somebody in every country in the world. I started the project because I wanted to find out more about the world, help people understand each other better, and make the world a better place – and I still do!

More love, understanding and handwritten letters is exactly what the world needs and kids can teach us bluddy adults so much…check out Tobs’s awesome project at

Writing to the world




Often when you travel the world, you meet interesting people along the journey. Following a recent trip to Paris we crossed paths and shared some shots and hash with a wise and nice gentlemen named Cesar. In addition to being incredibly kind to two random Americans passing through his city, it turns out he and his boy are amazing DJ’s. Check out their sound cloud for some sick beats currently coming out of Paris..


José González premieres an animated video for “Let It Carry You,” from critically acclaimed album Vestiges & Claws, released earlier this year on Mute.

The video coincides with the release of the “Let It Carry You” digital EP featuring remixes from Holy Ghost! and Dino Soccio plus a live recording of “Let It Carry You” performed at LA’s Regent Theater during José’s Spring 2015 tour. See below for track listing.


The photo exhibition NO SECONDS by Henry Hargreaves has gotten its fair share of love but I only just saw all the pics today. Really worth the time to scroll through these epic prison last meals. Here is Henry’s explanation of his inspiration for the project.

In my photography I have always been fascinated by the mix of the mundane and the extraordinary. So I while was reading about efforts to stop the Last Meal tradition in Texas it sparked my interest. In the most unnatural moment there is (state sponsored death) what kind of requests for food had been made? In New Zealand (where I’m from), and in fact nearly any where else in the developed world, the Death Penalty is just not even in the conversation. It is a remnant of an earlier era. This little bit of civility, “hey we are going to kill you but what would you like to eat?” just jumped off the page. I felt it could be a really interesting idea to try to represent visually. Researching this topic strangely personalized these people for me and for a moment was able to identify with them through the common denominator of food.

Peep this awesome exhibition on Henry’s website HERE. 


It’s difficult to find a perfect mix of sport, art, and pop culture in any medium. I would argue however, that ice-hockey broadcaster Randy Moller’s goal calls seem to achieve this harmonious balance through his unique radio commentary every time the Florida Panthers score a NHL goal. Have a listen and see if you agree..



This is actually a four part youtube series courtesy of the Dan Le Batard show in Miami so if you want some more =

Randy Moller Goal Calls Part 1:

Randy Moller Goal Calls Part 2:

Randy Moller Goal Calls Part 4: