Indie Japan: Mega Hyper 510 Family 

You’re two American / Aussie living fools experiencing your first night in Tokyo. You read some tips on Lonely Planet and end up in the popularly suggested Shibuya area for a bit of nightlife.

The recommended bar you hit up is dead but fortunately you see two Japanese hipster babes walking down a staircase across the street… you follow..

What happens next is a tourist miracle. A four band Japanese indie rock band bill loaded with talent both on and off the stage.

Personal favourites were Mega Hyper 510 Family. Incredible people with glorious musicality and energy.

QuietColor strongly recommends a listen.

Check their Tumblr here:

Indie music in Japan is fresh, beautiful, and tasty.

Fresh Presser: Zefereli

Straight from the Presser:

2016 started with a bang for Alistar Richardson. Since waving goodbye to his high school love child The Cairos with a final January tour, Alistar, reborn as five piece Zefereli, has spent the last few months writing and producing, along with building a sweet recording studio on the family farm, situated an hour out of Brisbane.


M83: GO

Straight from the Presser:

M83, aka Anthony Gonzalez, shares another new track from his forthcoming full-length album, JUNK, out this Friday, April 8, on Mute. “Go!” – an exultant synth pop charmer – features lead vocals from French chanteuse Mai Lan, and a guitar solo by virtuoso Steve Vai. Gonzalez describes the collaboration with Vai: “We asked for the craziest space solo possible, which wasn’t hard for him. He sent us three different takes, and we blended two to make the ultimate Steve Vai solo. It was amazing to work with him.”


It’s always great to discover movie titles that are changed for particular geographic regions. Being an American who moved to Australia I’ve gotten to enjoy a few aussie name changes first hand. Here’s my shortlist of favorite augmented movie titles

  • The Sandlot in Australia is called The Sandlot Kids and randomly one of Australia’s rare strong ties to baseball. Aussie chicks love Sandlot Kids for some reason!
  • Clue in Australia is called CluedoNot just the movie but the board game too! I doubt even Tim Curry could figure out who murdered this classic title. Cluedo just sounds weird, wtf.
  • Saving Silverman in Australia is called Evil Woman which is oddly simplified for an English speaking nation but my guess is this got switch for some alternative language speaking country and Aussie got stuck with it during distribution.

Extra Credits: As a special bonus I’ll throw in two non-movie name changes for you.

  • All Burger Kings in Australia are called Hungry Jacks. This is because a Canadian born businessman named Jack Cowin who moved to Australia decades ago decided to bestow his name to chain in it’s Australian incarnation. Same logo, same food, different name.


Leyla and Dave Moore make up Planet Rump and they’re not to be fucked with when it comes to dirty dance mixes, bass, and anything neon. Check out their new track HBIC below and go through their sound cloud library for some more Brooklyn bangas..

Writing to the world

How beautiful is this, 7 year old Toby from Sheffield in the UK says:

When I was 5, I decided that I wanted to find out lots about the world, so I started writing letters to somebody in every country in the world. I started the project because I wanted to find out more about the world, help people understand each other better, and make the world a better place – and I still do!

More love, understanding and handwritten letters is exactly what the world needs and kids can teach us bluddy adults so much…check out Tobs’s awesome project at

Writing to the world




Often when you travel the world, you meet interesting people along the journey. Following a recent trip to Paris we crossed paths and shared some shots and hash with a wise and nice gentlemen named Cesar. In addition to being incredibly kind to two random Americans passing through his city, it turns out he and his boy are amazing DJ’s. Check out their sound cloud for some sick beats currently coming out of Paris..