Back in 2011, QC was completing a video series highlighting the burgeoning and unique Brooklyn DIY scene. This piece was Part 3 of Quiet Color’s ‘Do It Yourself video series and took place in Bushwick, Brooklyn in the living room/art gallery/Brooklyn D.I.Y. venue Fort Useless. It was a cold winter day in NYC when we met with husband and wife Andreas Werliin and Mariam Wallentin, more aptly known as the Swedish indie duo Wildbirds and Peacedrums. What would follow was an intimate and resplendent performance that transformed Fort Useless into a warm winter sanctum. Quiet Color was blessed to have captured this private live session which is still wonderful to enjoy nearly 7 years later.

DO IT YOURSELF *Episode 3* WILDBIRDS & PEACEDRUMS from Quiet Color on Vimeo.


Keith Zarriello of The Shivers has created another beautiful album which is officially out now on iTunes, Spotify, and available for download at a “pay what you want price” on BandCamp.

QC’s favourite tracks upon the first couple listens are Heaven’s Cryin and Grey Romance. Listen to it now and toss a couple bucs to this incredible artist and band for the download on BandCamp HERE.



No it’s not Southern Comfort with lime shots. This isn’t Syracuse University and it’s not 2004. What it is however is one of QuietColor’s favourite French girls with a new track and video. Peep it below..

And here’s a personal message from SOKO via Nylon.com

Sweet Sound of Ignorance” is the first song I’ve released since my album My Dreams Dictate My Reality, which came out two years ago.

So I’m a little nervous.

In August, I moved from L.A. to NY to record my upcoming album with Patrick Wimberly and challenge myself out of my comfort zone. I put so much of my entire being into making music: heart and soul, tears, sweat, and blood. The song is the result of purposely isolating myself until I lost track of time, people, life, reality—a form of self-induced cabin fever. In a nutshell, it’s about being very anti-social and a lonely crybaby in desperate need of a cuddle, yet terrified of intimacy, but the track sounds pretty happy if you don’t pay attention to the words. It’s a contrast I always treasure in music—happy-sad music.

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