Keith Zarriello of The Shivers has created another beautiful album which is officially out now on iTunes, Spotify, and available for download at a “pay what you want price” on BandCamp.

QC’s favourite tracks upon the first couple listens are Heaven’s Cryin and Grey Romance. Listen to it now and toss a couple bucs to this incredible artist and band for the download on BandCamp HERE.



No it’s not Southern Comfort with lime shots. This isn’t Syracuse University and it’s not 2004. What it is however is one of QuietColor’s favourite French girls with a new track and video. Peep it below..

And here’s a personal message from SOKO via

Sweet Sound of Ignorance” is the first song I’ve released since my album My Dreams Dictate My Reality, which came out two years ago.

So I’m a little nervous.

In August, I moved from L.A. to NY to record my upcoming album with Patrick Wimberly and challenge myself out of my comfort zone. I put so much of my entire being into making music: heart and soul, tears, sweat, and blood. The song is the result of purposely isolating myself until I lost track of time, people, life, reality—a form of self-induced cabin fever. In a nutshell, it’s about being very anti-social and a lonely crybaby in desperate need of a cuddle, yet terrified of intimacy, but the track sounds pretty happy if you don’t pay attention to the words. It’s a contrast I always treasure in music—happy-sad music.

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Daniel Amodio hosts the likes of Alex Pellerano and Timmy Jenkins in this in-depth, half baked, and well intentioned look at necessary updates to our school system curriculums.


  • Does history matter?
  • Does space exploration better the future of the human race?
  • Have humans accomplished anything of significance outside of the moon landing and creating the Internet?

Wonder no more, the time has come. 


Wonderful story about how non-profit ‘Not For Sale’ created a restaurant to help assist victims of sex trafficking in Amsterdam. See below for the latest correspondence from ‘Not For Sale’ on this topic..

Yesterday you read about our NEW PLANS for Amsterdam. Because we’re doing something 100% DIFFERENT than what’s been tried before… You have the chance to help DOUBLE the number of trafficking survivors who can leave slavery behind for good. (… and the impact only gets bigger from here.)

I’m positive YOU will be as AMAZED as much as I am… When I tell you what we’ve discovered… But first I want to share the story of Maria* (not her real name).

She was trapped… We met her while she lived in an Amsterdam shelter with her daughter… But she couldn’t leave. See… she had escaped sex trafficking… But NO ONE WOULD HIRE HER for even the smallest work.

She had no way to get her and her daughter out of the shelter, and she couldn’t buy clothes and books for her daughter to go to school. Maria was considering going back to sex work to earn money… We quickly asked her to join our 10-month culinary program.

In no time she learned how to bake and cook — behind the scenes at one of the city’s top brunch restaurants. She became instantly employable… anywhere in the Netherlands. Today she has completed her escape from slavery. Maria works as an assistant executive chef — a prime role in a city for foodies. She rents her own apartment. And her daughter is now in school like other children.

And Maria also makes a killer chocolate cake 😉

Isn’t that beautiful?

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Björk Digital @ Carriageworks Blew My F’n Mind

Vivid Festival in Sydney attracts tourists, musicians, and artists from around the world for an annual spectacle that brings about 2 million people into the CBD every May/June. With hundreds of light exhibits, concerts, events, and installations it’s absolutely heckers and a total art explosion in the city. Given how much is going on, Björk Digital, Björk’s incredible virtual reality premiere is sort of tucked away at the culture haven known as Carriageworks and is remarkably easy to attend FOC.

I saw Björk’s face at the bottom right of a Time Out newsletter which provided a timely reminder to register for my exhibit time slot, 3:30 PM on Friday afternoon, just perfect enough to fake a meeting and bail early for the weekend. I made my way to Carriageworks where I congregated with a group of 10-12 people and waited quietly (I chatted up some chicks in line obvs) for the exhibit to begin.

I knew nothing of the exhibit nor had I read up on the artist’s previous museum contributions such as her tribute to Alexander McQueen, so I went in with a clean and empty mind.

The exhibit is one that needs to be seen and felt individually so I’ll be concise with my observations. There were four parts to the experience:

Room One: 

Björk’s ‘Black Lake’ video playing on opposing movie screens in a smallish horizontal room filled with pulsating speakers emanating different layers of the track respectively. According to Björk’s program explanation, the room was meant to simulate the environment in which the music was conceived, a dim claustrophobic-ish space.


Room Two:

The virtual reality begins with a sweet serenade of ‘Stonemilker’ from Björk on a rocky Icelandic beach. Sun shining, waves crashing, you can stare into Björk’s eyes or turn away and watch the waves. Bjork’s world, your choice. It was beautiful. Imagine walking around freely in the video below with 360 degrees of visibility. That’s what it was.

Room Three: 

Best described by the girl who was running this station on the day. When the virtual reality experience ended she said “I hope you enjoyed being a piece of gum.” That comment crystallised it for me. You’re a piece of gum in Björk’s mouth for about 6 minutes. It’s called Mouth Mantra by Jesse Kanda and it looked like this, but remember in virtual reality!


Room Four: 

This was so cool..  the VR was Notget by Warren du Preez and Nick Thornton Jones.

You’re in a seemingly dark part of the universe with pink and yellow light particles about. Initially you can only see a silhouette of Bjork’s head and an incredible gold yellow crown singing hauntingly, but soon, more particles arrive to eventually form a body with legs and arms. A technicolor rain flurry of light energy particles in the shape of Björk for you to interact with, walk through, stand inside.

     Check out this piece Warren du Preez and Nick Thornton Jones to get a proper idea of the magic they’re capable of:

Difficult to properly explain.. an event that needs to be individually experienced.. but my brain grew. Thanks Björk, thanks Vivid, thanks Carriageworks.


God Helps Us: New Deerhoof Album 24/6/16

The single Plastic Thrills (below) was released in April but excitement is building as Deerhoof’s new full length comes out next week. Check out the OFFICIAL Press Release from PolyVinyl under the track:

After all the accolades from press and peers, what’s a legendary band to do? Forget the recording studio, rent out an abandoned office space in the middle of the New Mexico desert, set up, plug in and play REALLY LOUD. Starting with hardly a notion of the outcome, by seven days later Deerhoof had found (you guessed it) The Magic: a raw and refreshing 15-song wallop of an album about what happens when you leave your comfort zone.

The version of Deerhoof you hear on The Magic is a most punch-drunk proposition. Everyone showed up in the mood to sing. Satomi, Greg, John and Ed dream up alchemies of punk, pop, glam, hair metal, doo-wop, hip hop, and R&B, late-night car rides, long days, attitude and spandex. Poetry into noise. Volume knob into gratification. Friendship into rock band.

According to drummer Greg, the music on The Magic was lurking in the shadows of “what we liked when we were kids – when music was magic – before you knew about the industry and before there were rules. Sometimes hair metal is the right choice.”

For singer/bassist Satomi Matsuzaki The Magic is but the latest episode of an ongoing gamble: “I joined Deerhoof a week after I arrived in San Francisco from Japan. I hopped on a MUNI bus to have a first meeting but got off at a wrong stop. I was lost and confused. They found me on a dark street corner after I called for help from a pay phone. Since then my adventure expanded. Deerhoof is a vehicle with four powered wheels that takes me through forest, desert and buildings. My life is adventure!”

The Magic is a mixtape imbued with Deerhoof’s sorcery — boldness, wonder, technical know-how, risk. It is a mixtape by the kid with the biggest music collection you’ve ever seen, who will take you camping and show you how to pull a rabbit out of a hat.

The Magic comes out June 24th on Polyvinyl Records.