by max k.

The mysterious, unknown band Cults have released a free 7″ EP that you can download free here. The single “Go Outside” is a perfect segue into spring. The only information about this band at the moment is that they categorize themselves with two tags: “Soul” and “New York.” All we need to know, apparently.

Artist: Cults
Song: Go Outside

In one of the cleaner mash-ups in recent memory, Tom Caruana produced a 27-track mash packed with music and sound bytes from the Wu Tang and Beatles catalogs. You can tell some serious production went down on this track as Ol’ Dirty Bastard almost sounds like a gentlemen on this cut of “Got Your Money.”

Artist: Wu Tang Vs The Beatles
Song: Got Your Money

At times too modest, Nicole Schneit’s vocals can get muddled by a sea of guitars on certain Air Waves tracks. “Sweetness” is one of their curvier tracks with a grabable melody. They’ll be touring with Past Lives during the month of March, hitting up Texas and some other spots in the Midwest. Go to their myspace for full tour dates.

Artist: Air Waves
Song: Sweetness

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