Wonderful story about how non-profit ‘Not For Sale’ created a restaurant to help assist victims of sex trafficking in Amsterdam. See below for the latest correspondence from ‘Not For Sale’ on this topic..

Yesterday you read about our NEW PLANS for Amsterdam. Because we’re doing something 100% DIFFERENT than what’s been tried before… You have the chance to help DOUBLE the number of trafficking survivors who can leave slavery behind for good. (… and the impact only gets bigger from here.)

I’m positive YOU will be as AMAZED as much as I am… When I tell you what we’ve discovered… But first I want to share the story of Maria* (not her real name).

She was trapped… We met her while she lived in an Amsterdam shelter with her daughter… But she couldn’t leave. See… she had escaped sex trafficking… But NO ONE WOULD HIRE HER for even the smallest work.

She had no way to get her and her daughter out of the shelter, and she couldn’t buy clothes and books for her daughter to go to school. Maria was considering going back to sex work to earn money… We quickly asked her to join our 10-month culinary program.

In no time she learned how to bake and cook — behind the scenes at one of the city’s top brunch restaurants. She became instantly employable… anywhere in the Netherlands. Today she has completed her escape from slavery. Maria works as an assistant executive chef — a prime role in a city for foodies. She rents her own apartment. And her daughter is now in school like other children.

And Maria also makes a killer chocolate cake 😉

Isn’t that beautiful?

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Now… are you wondering… How did we convince the busy and top-rated restaurant and chefs… To work with women like Maria — who could hardly speak the language, and had few kitchen skills?

Here’s the truth: We didn’t try to convince anyone.

Instead… with your help we tried something completely new. WE BUILT THE RESTAURANT! It’s called Dignita.

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Dignita is now a brunch hot spot on Yelp, Facebook, and Trip Advisor. On any given weekend you will see a line of people wrapping around they block. They all want to taste the Eggs Benedict and cakes. Dozens of trafficking survivors are training in Dignita’s safe environment… through our nationally recognized culinary program… 

And they gain real skills which make them attractive to real employers throughout Europe. Again… this is just the beginning.

Join us in expanding this project further in Amsterdam.  Help open more facilities like Dignita so that more trafficking survivors can become employable in real jobs…

Help them complete their escape from slavery. Follow the link below to contribute now to this mission…


Can’t wait to see you in Amsterdam for an amazing breakfast…

Thank you for joining us in this mission,

Dave Batstone
Founder of Not For Sale