It’s always great to discover movie titles that are changed for particular geographic regions. Being an American who moved to Australia I’ve gotten to enjoy a few aussie name changes first hand. Here’s my shortlist of favorite augmented movie titles

  • The Sandlot in Australia is called The Sandlot Kids and randomly one of Australia’s rare strong ties to baseball. Aussie chicks love Sandlot Kids for some reason!
  • Clue in Australia is called CluedoNot just the movie but the board game too! I doubt even Tim Curry could figure out who murdered this classic title. Cluedo just sounds weird, wtf.
  • Saving Silverman in Australia is called Evil Woman which is oddly simplified for an English speaking nation but my guess is this got switch for some alternative language speaking country and Aussie got stuck with it during distribution.

Extra Credits: As a special bonus I’ll throw in two non-movie name changes for you.

  • All Burger Kings in Australia are called Hungry Jacks. This is because a Canadian born businessman named Jack Cowin who moved to Australia decades ago decided to bestow his name to chain in it’s Australian incarnation. Same logo, same food, different name.