Places to Check Out

  • Spring Beerfest (Frülingsfest)
    • Runs from April 15 to May 1, so may be over depending on when you get there.
    • Basically a smaller Octoberfest
    • Huge beer tents (picture) with music, awesome food, crazy drunk people
  • Andechs Brewery (picture)
    • Amazing Brewery in the middle of the woods/countryside built in an old monestary
    • About a 20-30 minute train ride outside of Munich
    • I believe the train to take is the S8, but just tell the ticketing person you want the train to Herrsching.
    • When you get off you can tail the group of people that will be walking (the signs are a little hard to follow), but its a 30-40 minute trek (uphill) through the woods.  There’s a shuttle bus that runs for like 2 euro.  The beer is strong so I recommend the bus back or you’ll be rolling down the hill.
    • This place is perfect if you need to do something different after a couple days in Munich.
  • Hofbrauhaus (picture)
    • A famous beerhall that was built in 1589
    • Kind of touristy, but cool to see.  Grab a beer and a pretzel or bratwurst.
    • The whole area around this place is historic, so cool to walk around.
    • Augustiner is another beerhall right across the street that the locals like a little more and is a good option if the Hoffbrauhaus is too crowded.  Both are cool.
  • Take a tour
    • There are a lot of historic sites from WW2 to check out, but a lot of them you can see quick.  We took a bike tour that allowed us to see a lot in a short amount of time, but pretty much any tour will allow you to see a whole bunch of old palaces, old gates, museums, churches, etc.  It’s a good thing to do early because you’ll get the lay of the land and can see areas that you want to go back to and spend more time.
  • Other tours that take you a little outside the city.  All within an hour or so…
    • Neuschwanstein (picture) King Ludwig’s castle that the Disney castle is modeled after.
    • Dachau concentration camp
    • Salzburg (picture) – cool old castle/walled city outside Munich


  • In the spring you’ll see that all of the breweries and restaurants are serving white asparagus or “Spargle” (picture).  Make sure you try some Spargle soup.  It’s awesome.
  • “Haxen” is a pork knuckle that they cook on these super hot spits (picture).  It’s crackly and crispy on the outside.  Probably the best thing I ate in Germany.  They have it all over, including at Andechs (the brewery in the woods).
  • Pretzels, Bratwurst, Weisswurst (white sausage), and Schnitzel.  It’s basically pork and pretzel heaven and everything goes best with a beer.