A fun Friday night exchange between a Cab driver and a resident in Sydney, Australia..


The context: A dude with 2 girls jump into a cab in Sydney..

Dude: “We’re headed to Cleveland Street, just make a right and shoot down Elizabeth Street”

Cabbie: “Where are you going? When you get into a cab you’re supposed to tell them the name and address of where you’re going”

Dude: “Oh is that how that works? I’ll remember that for next time”

Cabbie: “You people.. no one else in the world acts like people from your country”

Dude: “Oh really? Where are you from? Your country seems to specialize in passive aggression”

Cabbie: “Yeah well I’m from Russia”

Dude: “Aggh then we’d make a great team, loud obnoxious American with a passive aggressive Russian, we’d be best friends!”

Silence prevails until the destination is reached.