Can you imagine a life without music ?

Life without music - Quiet Color 2


Today I was confronted with a scary question.

After reading the above passage in Kurt Vonnegut’s book on the bus into work, this morning I had my usual clumsy charades/signing convo with our office mail guy Craig about whether he had music in his life – half on paper and half dyslexic charades style signing.

Much of my day is spent trying to filter out noise – whiney colleagues, gossipy neighbours, ringing telephones – but now just the thought that not all of us are blessed with ears that work makes me gladly endure all this for the simple pleasure of being able to hear the sound of my favourite Antony & the Johnsons tune, infectious laughter, the offbeat tinkle on my piano, the words I love you…

Growing up with a poet father whose ideas and witty observations warm my heart, I’ve always known that he pours his heart and soul into his work. But I’m ashamed to admit that I only stopped illegally downloading tunes and films when I started dating a muso. I can only begin to imagine what goes into his music and lyrics, into making the world so much better for everyone. Like the rest of us, artists are not exempt from having to eat or pay the bills. We would freak if we didn’t get paid for our work. So remember this next time you illegally download.

Ask yourself – what would life be like without music/art/film. Etc